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A Big N.F.L. Hit and Donald Trump’s Love of Violence

n the second from last quarter of Thursday night’s N.F.L. diversion between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, the Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan laid a merciless, cap to-protective cap hit on a contradicting collector, Davante Adams, making Adams’ neck snap back and his body to fold to the ground. It was the sort of hit that, not very numerous years prior, the commentators may have celebrated, however which, in 2017, they have figured out how to meet with stun. “That sounded terrible,” one said. Adams must be wheeled off the field on a stretcher. He offered the group a precarious go-ahead sign with his correct hand.

On the off chance that Donald Trump were watching the diversion, he may have enjoyed what he saw—at any rate up until the point that the official tossed a banner, punishing Trevathan and the Bears fifteen yards for superfluous unpleasantness. Last Friday, in Alabama, amid his tirade against N.F.L. players who stoop amid the national song of praise to dissent racial foul play, Trump likewise griped about the condition of football all the more by and large. He trusts that the amusement has turned out to be too delicate. “Today, in the event that you hit too hard—fifteen yards!” he yelled. “Toss him out of the diversion! They had that last week. I looked for two or three minutes. Two folks, just truly, excellent handle. Blast, fifteen yards!” He went on, “They’re destroying the diversion! They’re destroying the amusement. That is the thing that they need to do. They need to hit. They need to hit! It is harming the diversion.”

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